Itbayat, 2008

B&W has always intrigued me. Mainly because it’s so hard to do a decent conversion given my meager PS skills. Several people have been asking me about my b&w photographs and would like to know what I do in PS to process colored ones into mono. I tell them simply that I don’t. I deliberately shoot in b&w when the lighting calls for it. When there’s a lot of contrast to be had and color just seems to get in the way of truly capturing the essence of a scene, I switch to monochrome. If you want kick ass black and white conversion, I only know of two guys who can do it with maximum kick without losing too much detail in the blacks or in the whites… Nick Tuason and Arnel Murillo. I learned a lot about b&w from these two guys. Not so much about the hows but more on simple guidelines to better blacks and better whites.

I’m not sure if this photograph will display properly on your monitors. I have a crappy IBM laptop that doesn’t have enough LCD luminance so I may have dodged where I should’ve burned and so on and so forth. So comments are always welcome.

Have a good weekend boys and girls