It’s been awhile since I’ve started a thread in DPP that had photographs in it. 2007 was a busy year and while I did manage to amass images in my HD, I never really found the time nor the energy to process them. I realized that the highest point of this picture-taking business is when I actually download and view my images in my Epson viewer right after a day’s shoot. Everything else, including backups, RAW conversion, post processing and printing, among other things, started to become a chore in comparison. I’m sure you guys can relate.

I got out of that slump a few months back when I started a photoblog (everybody has one these days – I’m a Johnny-come-lately to this online thing) upon the invitation of an officemate and the encouragement of a fellow hobbyist (who was egging me to do it for the longest time). During that time, I had trouble trying to figure out what this sh*t was going to be about. What’s the slant? Why even bother? Do you have what it takes to sustain it, zero viewership notwithstanding? Are you doing it for what and who exactly?

The title, Travel Light, was a no-brainer and came to me like an epiphany when we went to Camiguin last year for a photo safari (I believe Norman Aquino… where is that guy… started that thread for the group). I never realized then that I was going to be using it for a blog.

But the raison d’etre was the one that bothered me the most. Analysis paralysis. The why behind the shutter press. Eventually, I decided that the reason will just have to evolve together with the photographs that I will be uploading to that site. Nothing is ever static anyway. Especially our intentions. Clear as crystal one day, murky as mud the next. But one thing needed to be established. That the only photographs that I’ll ever post are those that have personal resonance. Images that mean something to me. And hopefully, to connect at some level with whoever views it. And maybe at some point in time, I’ll be able to figure it all out by finding a common thread in all my images and through your comments if you are so willing to share it.

Without further ado, welcome to Travel Light.

Mayoyao, Ifugao Province, 2008.

Mayoyao, Ifugao Province