Buguey, Cagayan 2013



Oh yeah, I’m back.  Long downtime that was but we all go through that familiar low in photography.  Answers to questions somehow have been provided for way way back and all one has to do is give time a bit of slack and let it work back the love that was about to get lost. 


 The following series encapsulates why I can’t just let go of photography.  The lure of seeing something new and beautiful cannot be ignored and to be somehow get involved in the process is an added bonus.


Watching these guys launch their boats into that surf was something that I enjoyed a lot.  I was all over the place, running, trying to get from one boat to the next until all of them went out to sea.  At one point, I even helped push with one hand (okay, a token push) and my camera on the other.  I liked that I was out there shooting close with my  wide angle 21 and at the same time somehow “participating” although the fisherman probably saw me as an odd curiosity. 


 Well, I have to apologize to my other colleagues.  I may have been hogging all the action since I needed to be close with the 21 and may have blocked their shots.  But I am sure they can understand my newfound exuberance.


 Yep, boats weren’t the only things being launched that early rainy morning.  My love for photography rode piggyback as well.  Glad to be back 🙂