“What do you do exactly, Daddy?” is a question that I have a hard time answering my 10 year old.

What is it exactly that I do? I currently do logistics for a news and entertainment conglomerate in Manila. Prior to that, I graduated with a degree in Business from the University of the Philippines (UP) specifically hating anything that had to do with computers, and yes, logistics. Ironically, after finishing my BS degree in UP, I joined an Information Technology firm then known as Andersen Consulting. I worked there for 7 years before switching to my other least liked course in college which was Production planning and Warehousing. Through some miracle, I have managed to stay on doing a job that I liked the least for 17 years. Strangely enough, it’s a decision in my life that I would go through all over again given the chance. I have been blessed with great bosses from the day that I graduated. And, also, the best people that one can ever hope to work with in one’s lifetime.

Except, of course, the chance to be a photographer. The experience of holding a digital camera 5 years ago was very much like St. Paul’s eureka moment on the road to Damascus. It was life changing to say the least. It has never been this precious or meaningful. It has created opportunities to know more about myself and has prepared me to accept the fact that there really are no answers, only questions.

But life is what it is and if it weren’t for the circumstances that I have found myself in, all this thinking about me wanting to become a photographer may not even have happened at all.