Duira, Batanes, Then and now

I remember being quite taken with this scene; the net hanging over that wall back in 2007. There was a sort of poetry to how that net was slung over this mossy structure with those floaters just dangling in place like how kids sitting on a bench would swing their feet.

Diura, 2007

I blew the highlights off the top part of the net and wished that I could be given the chance to reshoot it. Converting it to bw didn’t help, btw. A badly taken photograph is, at the end of the day, a badly taken photograph. I used a relatively wide aperture for this one with a matching slow shutter speed… all recipes for blur and blown highlights. And, yes, no tripod!



Diura, 2012

But I guess life has a way of giving us a second chance. 5 summers later, I was surprised to see the same wall and still with the same amount of green on it. But this time with a different net. If I may also say, a more handsome one at that. And quite the photogenic pose to boot! Well, I shot this one more than once and used the appropriate exposure. Maybe I should’ve used a tripod but I was too excited to be bothered! After all, what were the odds that I would still be given that same mossy background to use as a backdrop; the luminosity of which was just as important as the subject itself?

It’s not every day that I’m given the chance to correct a past mistake. I just hope I don’t blow off the highlights on those that are really worth rectifying, if and when. And, no, I wasn’t talking about photography 😉