Sabtang, Batanes, 2012

M9-P, 35cron


Slow shutter attempts with what used to be my M9-P. It seemed like ages ago. Even my memory has gone digital probably in dire need of an upgrade.

This was one of those images that didn’t make an impression on me back in 2012. In fact, this was a test shot as I tried to experiment with doing slow shutter landscape photography with the M9-P. It was probably frame #3 or #4 and was badly underexposed. I thought the composition was also boring.

But then boring is a word that we can also associate with timeless. And it takes awhile to get to that point where one can see through the fluff and appreciate beauty in the very mundane. By the way, these are just all my thoughts based on one photograph from two years ago. But it is amazing how an image can make your mind go on an intellectual adventure… all that meandering without even leaving ones apartment.

I played around with this one in Lightroom and once I was done, it put a reluctant smile on my face. Reluctant because I wasn’t yet sure if this one made my personal cut but it has been on my mind for the past week. Potentially a hidden gem lost in a sea of bits and bytes.

Anyway, going back to “boring”… one of the reasons why I probably just clicked through this one would be because of its low contrast properties. Lots of grays and not too much punch. And there we are again. I still get taken by strong blacks and whites. But several years ago, that changed a bit for me. Especially after having been exposed to Casey Henderson’s and Jeff Warden’s photography. Maybe my taste then was too, ummm, pedestrian? Unrefined? Or just too obvious.

If you’ve read through all this, well, I don’t know whether I should ask for an apology or thank you for bearing with it. Hahaha!!!